this is our story

This is how it all began….. I was on my way to work and someone hit me and totaled my car out and I end up having to go through physical therapy for several months. Due to the numerous therapy appointments my boss called me in the office and told me that I was no longer needed. “Unbelievable” is what I was thinking to myself and now, “What next?”

Well I started thinking, “What am I going to do now?” I still have bills and life is not going to stop. I had a bonus area that I was not using so I decided to do home daycare with the help of my daughter who had also just started college. I spoke with my husband about the idea and he thought it was not going to work. Now I knew I had two challenges ahead of me; one show my husband that all things are possible if put your mind to it and two I needed income. I used my last to make not a dream but, a idea work.

I thought about all the things that I would want from a childcare provider and all the things that turned me away. I new one thing for sure and that was I wanted my child in a safe environment. I also wanted to have someone that would nurture and teach my little one. Education has always been important to me and I am a firm believer of early education.

I began to set my bonus room up like a preschool classroom and made my sons become roommates and I changed one of their bedrooms into a nursery for my infant babies. I worked in the preschool room and my daughter worked with the infants. As I watched the kids grow and the kids get excited when they would tell their parents what they have learned, I new this is what I wanted to do, but let me be the first to tell you it was a challenge.

After two years of many ups and downs without having a license I made the decision to take a big jump and open Big Hearts Little Hands Child Care. I have thought carefully about what I want to offer to my community and that is,  a childcare facility that thinks of your family as an extended part of our family. Big Hearts Little Hands has a very nurturing and inviting environment, and it is the place that your child will love to come to everyday, and learn and grow with his/ her friends. We are partnering with parents, building solid foundations for every child’s future success.